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To Observe The USW Local 1000 Members Only Information, Please Register for Local 1000 Union Website With Your Personal email. Any Company email addresses Will be Deleted and Removed. Thank You for Understanding.

2015 Lawerence Bankowski Scholarship Read more >>>

2015 Elections Read more >>>

Upcoming Election of Officers:

******** To All Local 1000 Members who are considering running for an office in upcoming election. Please do not be doing any type of campaigning yet as this could cause you issues in being able to run or other issues for elections.After being nominated and upon your acceptance of nomination, you will be giving a packet with all the information on when you can start and when you must stop campaigning. Also times of shifts at the plants in the valley for campainging purposes and other election rules. Please pass this information on to other USW Local 1000 members.*********

Social Media

*** Please Remember When On Social Media Sites Everyone can See What You Write. Sometimes People You Do Not Wanna See Sometihing You Post  Can And Does. This Goes for even If You Delete it, The Post isn't Gone. Point Of Thought, Don't Post What You Don't Want All to Know. The Post Might Bring Unwanted Attention and Repercussions To Your Post. Think Before You Post On Any Social Media Site. ***

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